Crowns and Bridges


If you are struggling with a damaged or weakened tooth, a dental crown may be all you need to prevent even more damage. You can think of a crown as a cover that is shaped like a tooth and placed on the damaged tooth to stop it from getting worse. You may need a dental crown if:  

  • Your tooth is broken or severely chipped  
  • You just underwent a root canal procedure  
  • You have an old or large filling you’d like to replace 
  • You want to beautify your teeth for aesthetic reasons

Sometimes, your dentist may also recommend a dental crown if a filling will not fix the damage to your tooth. Crowns are a very effective option. They last for a long time and they can help your damaged tooth function like a normal one. What’s more dental crowns give you a beautiful smile. A dental crown may be made from porcelain, metal, or a blend of both. Before your dentist fixes a crown for your teeth, the specific tooth would have been measured, shaped, and prepared. The next procedure is to take impressions of your tooth. Each crown is custom made for your tooth using the impressions taken. Sometimes, your dentist may place a temporary crown on your tooth so that you do not damage it any further while waiting for your next appointment. The custom crown is placed on the tooth with the aid of a dental cement and you can enjoy a healthy, perfectly functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile.


A dental bridge is essentially a combination of an artificial tooth and dental crowns. When you are missing a tooth, you would need an artificial tooth to fill the gap especially if the location is obvious. However, a dental bridge does not simply replace the artificial tooth. It enhances the teeth surrounding the artificial tooth. The application procedure is similar to the dental crown procedure. Dental bridges are also custom made and impressions of your teeth are taken to ensure the perfect bridge is designed for you.Dental crowns and bridges provide lasting solutions to the problems of missing or damaged teeth. And there are no fastidious self-care requirements for people using them. All you need to do is maintain a proper oral hygiene routine and go for your dental check-ups regularly.

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