Dental Surgery

Dental surgery

Different medical conditions may necessitate a surgical procedure on the teeth or jaw bones. A dental surgeon is a licensed professional that is qualified to perform such procedures. Generally, any procedure that involves modifying the teeth or jaws artificially is referred to as a dental surgical procedure. Below are the major classifications of dental surgeries:  

  • Endodontic surgery: this means surgery that is performed inside the teeth. It covers any procedure performed on the pulp or root canal.
  • Orthodontic surgery: any surgery that aims to correct the shape, occlusion, or straightness of the teeth.  
  • Periodontal surgery: any surgery that is carried out on the supporting structures of the teeth.  

The process involved in dental surgery

The specific procedure would depend on the condition that warrants your surgery. Surgical procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. After the procedure, you would be given self-care instructions and a follow up appointment to ensure proper monitoring. You may also be required to make more frequent visits to the dentist’s in the periods following your surgery.  

What are the conditions that may necessitate dental surgery?

Your dentist is in the best person to determine if you would need dental surgery or not. If you are feeling an unusual pain or discomfort in your mouth, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist. Below are some of the conditions that often require dental surgery:  

  • Impacted teeth  
  • Tooth loss  
  • Jaw-related problems  
  • An injury to the jaw or facial bones  
  • An infection of the root canal  
  • Gum infections  

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