Digital panoramic X-rays

Digital panoramic X-rays

A digital panoramic x-ray is a photograph that shows parts of the face and teeth that would normally be invisible to the naked eye. They can be used to investigate the presence of fractures whenever there is an injury to the mouth. They can be used to detect defects in the wisdom teeth as they erupt. Digital panoramic x-rays may also reveal early signs of dental problems.

Digital panoramic x-rays are quite easy to perform and they come with absolutely no discomfort. Unlike conventional dental x-rays, there is no need to place any film inside your mouth. The film is housed in a device that rotates just outside of your head.  

Panoramic x-rays are used for routine dental examinations. They are extremely useful when dental problems are attributed to a certain sinus conditions.  


How are digital panoramic x-rays taken?

The digital panoramic x-ray equipment has a rotating arm and a film attachment. The rotating arm houses the x-ray generator and the film attachment holds the pictures. To complete the machine, there is a head that lies between the arm and the film attachment. The dentist adjusts the positioning on the head to make the image clearer or sharper. The device also provides an impressive magnification that reveals details that could otherwise be easily missed.  


What can the x-ray image be used for?

Digital panoramic x-ray images among other uses can be used for the following:  

  • Reveal impacted teeth  
  • Reveal fractures of the jawbone  
  • Reveal cavities or other gum diseases  
  • Make decisions about the appropriate course of treatment  
  • Examine patients who have an extreme gag reflex

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