General Dentistry

General dentistry

The ultimate aim of general dentistry is to ensure you maintain the best oral health possible. This statement is simplistic, to say the least, but it is arguably the best way to summarize the wide array of procedures and services that general dentistry encompasses. There is a link between oral infections and general health conditions. A general dentist is that professional you can trust to help you take care of your gums, teeth, and overall oral health.


It doesn’t start overnight

Maintaining  perfect oral health starts from childhood. It is important to make the right choices concerning your oral health at an early stage so you do not develop oral health problems later in life. You and your family will benefit greatly from regular appointments with the dentist. Your toddlers are not left out. A visit to a general dentist would help identify possible tooth problems and affords the dentist an opportunity to address them quickly. The dentist would also advise you on steps you can take to prevent oral health issues.  


The competence of general dentists is not in question

Before practicing dentists can be licensed, they must have completed a four-year training and faced a rigorous licensing exam. They also complete various continuing education courses to ensure they are familiar with the latest developments in the practice of dental care.  

Below are some of the services you can expect your general dentist to provide:  

  • Complete Oral Exam and Dental Hygiene Appointments 
  • Dental implants  
  • Dental Fillings  
  • Oral cancer screenings  
  • Crowns and bridgework  
  • Root canal treatment  
  • Sealants  
  • TMJ/Jaw pain treatment  
  • Mouth Guards

When you should visit your general dentist

You should schedule an appointment with your dentist for a complete oral exam. This exam will help your dentist diagnose any problems you may have and provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.Please phone or email our office so we can offer you an appointment that fits your schedule.


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