Mouth guards and sports guards

Mouth guards and sports guards

Sports guards or mouth guards are worn over the teeth to protect them from heavy blows. They are popular among athletes that participate in sporting activities involving falls, flying or potentially dangerous body contacts. Some sporting associations have it as an essential part of their kits. These include football, boxing, gymnastics, etc.  

Your dentist may recommend a mouth guard for you, even if you do not actively participate in any sports. This is common in individuals who wear braces or some other fixed dental appliance. A mouth guard typically covers the upper teeth. Among other functions, they primarily protect against cut lips and broken teeth.  


The types of mouth guards

There are different types of mouth guards, based on the design and the materials used in making them. However, the function of mouth guards remains the same across the board. Resilience,comfort, and tear resistance are properties that your mouth guard should have, whichever type you choose. The different types of mouth guards are highlighted below:  


Custom mouth guards

Like anything custom-made, a custom mouth guard is made to fit you perfectly. Your dentist first makes an impression of your upper jaws and uses the model to construct the perfect mouth guard for you. Your dentist should also advise you on the different kinds of materials and help you make an informed decision. Custom mouth guards are the preferred option among athletes although they are also the most expensive.  


How long can I expect my mouth guard to last?

If you are an athlete, you should consider changing your mouth guard at the end of every season. They are subject to wear and tear so they may become less effective over time. Changing your mouth guard periodically is even more important if you are an adolescent. At this stage, you are still growing and you can easily outgrow the mouth guard.  

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