Root Canal Treatment in Malvern, Scarborough, ON

If you're suffering from a severe toothache, you know it can be extremely painful and cause a lot of stress. Our team at the practice of Dr. Steven Ingber General & Implant Dentistry is here to alleviate your symptoms, offering comprehensive root canal therapy that focuses on treating the underlying cause of your pain. Because we know tooth pain can be awful to deal with, our mission is to provide prompt and efficient care when you need it the most, including same-day appointments whenever possible.

Our immediate aim is to get you out of pain by delivering effective, compassionate root canal therapy in Toronto. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get the skilled endodontic treatments you need to repair the health of your smile!


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure designed to treat pain and save an infected tooth. When bacteria infiltrate the inner pulp of a tooth where nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues reside, an infection may develop. This can lead to complications like intense tooth pain, and the infection can spread if left untreated.

Root canal therapy aims to eliminate this pain and save the tooth by carefully removing the diseased tissue, treating the infection, and restoring the tooth's strength and appearance with a crown or filling. It's a precise and delicate process that preserves the tooth and safeguards your overall oral health.

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Not every toothache is caused by infection or will require root canal treatment. However, determining what's causing your dental distress and if you have an infection can be difficult. It's important to see a dentist to diagnose your ailment and relieve pain before it becomes severe. Some signs that you may need root canal therapy include:

  • Darkening of your tooth enamel
  • Swollen, tender, or bleeding gums
  • Intense tooth pain while eating or drinking
  • Sudden increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Persistent bad taste or odor in the mouth

If you have severe tooth pain, it may indicate that you have a "hot tooth" and require swift treatment to relieve your symptoms and save the tooth. We prioritize same-day treatment whenever possible to provide swift relief when you need it most.

Our Root Canal Therapy Process

At the practice of Dr. Steven Ingber General & Implant Dentistry, we aim to swiftly and effectively address the pain associated with a root canal infection. We understand the urgency of root canal treatment needs and are ready to schedule your treatment as soon as possible.

Our dentist will perform a detailed examination, including X-rays and other diagnostic tests, to provide a clear understanding of your condition. After this professional evaluation, we can determine whether endodontic therapy is what you need and proceed with treatment.

We will remove the infected dental pulp and damaged tooth structure. We then treat the inside of your tooth, the root canals, with antibiotic material before sealing the tooth to minimize the chance of reinfection. We'll restore the tooth with a crown or filling, depending on the situation. If a crown is needed, two appointments may be required before you receive your final restoration.

Root Canal Therapy FAQs

We understand that you want to be in safe hands when you're getting root canal therapy. Our commitment is to ensure that you feel comfortable with your treatment by thoroughly explaining every step and answering all your questions promptly. Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

How long does it take a root canal treatment to heal fully?

Healing time after root canal therapy can vary depending on the case's complexity and individual factors. Generally, any discomfort or sensitivity subsides within a few days. Our dentist will provide post-treatment care instructions, and we urge you to contact us if you experience lasting or severe pain.

Eating soft and non-sticky foods for the first few days will keep you comfortable. Gradually reintroducing your normal diet as the treated area heals, and following Dr. Ingber's specific instructions will support the healing process.

If the initial root canal therapy doesn't heal properly or if a new infection occurs in the treated tooth, root canal retreatment may be necessary. We provide root canal retreatments and utilize modern techniques to correct the initial issue while promoting optimal healing.

Your Practice for Root Canal Treatment in Toronto

Our team at the practice of Dr. Steven Ingber General & Implant Dentistry is passionate about getting your smile back to good health and function. With our root canal treatments, we aim to quickly relieve your pain and work to preserve your tooth. We provide care in a relaxed and friendly environment to make you feel at ease, even in distressing circumstances.

Whether you require a simple procedure or need complex care, our extensive experience providing root canal therapy positions us well to meet your needs and safeguard your oral health. Contact our team today to schedule your root canal therapy and get the relief you need from your tooth pain!



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